Shield For Heroes – Community Partnership to Create and Distribute Reusable Medical Face Shields

  • The campaign has been launched by TotalCare eHealth in partnership with The Bee Guardian Project
  • ‘Shields for Heroes’ launched as many frontline health workers, first responders and caregivers don’t have face shields
Shield for heroes campaign

TotalCare eHealth and The Bee Guardian Project launch the ‘Shields for Heroes’ campaign, a community partnership to create and distribute reusable medical face shields for the frontline heroes of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

As the need for personal protective equipment (PPE) increases, frontline workers lack the safety equipment they desperately need. A medical face shield is critical PPE that protects the face from fluids, spray, and droplets. Because COVID-19 is spread through airborne droplets, a face shield reduces exposure, while extending the life of N95 face masks.

Unfortunately, many frontline health workers, first responders and caregivers don’t have face shields or must continuously reuse disposable shields.

Seeing this need, the companies combined forces to design, manufacture, and distribute the 5280 Face Shield. The two organizations have repurposed materials from protective beekeeping gear to create a medical face shield that is durable, reusable, and cleanable.

Doug Hudiburg, CEO of TotalCare eHealth, said

“We worked with multiple clinical advisors to ensure that the 5280 Face Shield meets their needs for comfort, sturdiness and safety.”
“After several rounds of development and testing we’re confident the 5280 Face Shield offers the protection they need and deserve.”

Corwin Bell, founder of the Bee Guardian Project, said,

“The need for good face shields is everywhere.”
“It’s especially acute for smaller and rural organizations that compete for resources with larger entities. Good reusable face shields are difficult for many organizations to acquire; either because they’re unavailable, because they don’t have funding, or both.”

Bell and Hudiburg met in middle school in Boulder in 1978 and have remained close friends since. “Once we put our heads together, we realized we could really help these heroes,” explained Bell. Hudiburg continued, “We’re proud to do what we can for health workers, first responders, long-term caregivers, nursing home staff, hospitals and police; anyone fighting for our health and safety.”