Annual Filing of LLP

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Annual Filing of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

It is mandatory for the LLP to file Annual Return with the MCA. We at TaxRodo prepare & file your Annual Return:

   Annual Return filed with ROC
       You just need to provide the Financial Data & we will prepare the Financial Statements ready to be Audited & after getting Audit we will file those with the MCA.

  Financial Statements Preparation
       With our professional expertise, we will prepare your Financial Statements based on the Financial data provided.

Note down the Required Documents

✍ PAN Card of the Firm
✍ Finalised Books of Accounts/ TB
✍ LLP Agreement
✍ Copies of GST & TDS Returns (if any).
✍ Last year Income Tax return with Computation (in case of existing firm)

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Know about Annual Filings of LLP

Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) have very few compliances to fulfill, in comparison to private limited companies. LLPs need only file information related to the statement of accounts and annual returns on an annual basis. Penalties, however, are huge for failure to comply. Entities that don’t end up doing so could be fined heavily, with penalties going up to ₹ 5 lakh in some cases.

LLPs in India must file its Annual Return within 60 days from the end of close of the financial year and Statement of Account & Solvency within 30 days from the end of six months of the close of financial year. Unlike Companies, LLPs mandatorily have to maintain their financial year, as April 1st to March 31st. Therefore, LLP annual return is due on May 30th and the Statement of Account & Solvency is due on October 30th of each financial year.

LLPs are separate legal entities; therefore, it is the responsibility of the Designated Partners to maintain the proper books of accounts and file the annual return with the MCA each financial year. LLPs are not required to audit its accounts unless the annual turnover exceeds ₹ 40 lakhs or if the contribution exceeds ₹ 25 lakhs. Therefore, LLP who do not have to get the accounts audited if it satisfies the above condition, making the annual filing process a simple and easy one. TaxRodo team will help you to file financial statements.


1. Is every LLP required to file Annual Return?

Yes, every registered LLP is required to file annual Return.

2. With whom return/accounts are required to be filed?

Annual accounts/return are to be filed with ROC & Income Tax Department.

3. What if I do not file any annual accounts/return?

There are penalties under respective sections for non fiing.

4. What are the due dates for filing Annual Return & Annual Accounts with Registrar?

Due date for filing Annual Return is the 30th May and due date for filing Annual Accounts is the 30th October.