Private Limited Company

Private Limited Company Incorporation

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Note down the Required Documents

For Directors

✍ PAN Card or Passport (in case of foreign nationals)
✍ Aadhaar Card of Directors
✍ Voter’s ID/Driving License/Passport
✍ Latest Bank Statement/Telephone or Mobile Bill/Electricity Bill or Gas Bill
✍ Passport Size Photographs of promoters/Directors
✍ Specimen Signature of directors

For Company

✍ Notarised Rental Agreement in case of rented property or Sale/Property Deed in case of own property
✍ No-objection certificate from Land Owner in case of rented property
✍ Rent Receipt in case of rented property
✍ Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill/Gas Bill having same address as appearing on the Rent Deed or the Registered Deed

*Note all the documents should not be older than two months & hand written documents are not acceptable.

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    Know about Private Limited Company

    A Private Limited Company can easily be started and registered by combination of two members. The day to day affairs of management is carried out by the directors. Books of accounts are properly prepared, maintained and their audit is compulsory once in a year. A private limited company can be wound up with the consent of members and also through court. The private limited company is a proven, successful business model. The business owners hold all shares of the company privately. Shareholders may operate the business themselves, or hire directors to manage the company on their behalf. Forming a private limited company results in protection of personal assets, access to more resources & financial assistance.

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    The major advantages of a Private Limited Company

    Business Continuity Private limited companies enjoy permanent succession because the company is its own legal entity. Shareholders and employees act as agents of the company, and therefore, do not effect the company if they leave. In the event of a death or resignation, the company’s Articles of Association allocate the shares to remaining members. Discontinuation of the company only occurs through liquidation or similar means. Guaranteed succession not only benefits members, but secures jobs and resources for the community.

    Limited Liability is the greatest benefit of private limited companies. Private limited companies are treated as a single entity, making the company responsible for all debts. If anything happens to the company, its members are not personally affected; members are only liable for unpaid shares. Officers of the company retain their company salaries, they cannot be made bankrupt and they are free to form a new company. Fraud is the only instance of unprotected liability. If creditors lose money through director fraud, the directors’ personal liability is without limit.

    Raising money as a small business and a sole proprietorship or partnership can be difficult. The modes of financing business carried on by company are numerous. Moreover, since the companies are governed by particular law and have to comply with stringent disclosure norms, therefore they enjoy good credit worthiness with various financial institutions. It is easier for the company to raise funds from venture capitalists & investors.

    FAQs on Private Limited Company

    1. How I can submit documents?

    The whole process of company registration is online. You just need to submit your scanned documents with us at, Then your vCFO is all set to start the incorporation process. The list of required documents is give above.

    2. Within how much time my company will be registered?

    Your company will be registered within 10-15 days, if all your documents are in order & also depends on the workload of registrar. In some cases your company can be incorporated in 6-7 days only.

    3. What are important considerations while selecting the name?

    Name you are selecting should be the unique one. There should not be any company or trademark registered with that name. The name should be one which describes the sector of business in which you are dealing.

    4. How I can sign the document required for registration?

    For online filing the documents are required to be signed digitally. You have to get digital signatures for that. But you need not to worry your vCFO will do that for you as well. We will help you to get the Digital Signatures.

    5. Is every company required to get its books of accounts audited?

    Yes, company is required to get its books of accounts audited under Companies Act, 2013 irrespective of revenue. A company is required to appoint auditor within 30 days of incorporation.

    6. I heard about Memorandum & Articles of Association. What are those documents do I need to obtain those.

    These documents are the rules & visions of the company under which a company operates. Its like the constitution of the company. Every company is required to have its rules & regulations, so you are required to have Memorandum & Articles of Association for your company & ofcourse your vCFO is there to that for you as well 🙂

    7. What is covered in the price quoted above?

    The price quoted above covers all the documentation & charges for 2 directors with paid up capital of Rs. 100000.

    8. What if I want to have more than 2 directors & paid up capital of more than ₹ 100000?

    If you want have requirements more than those quoted above i.e. more than 2 directors & authorised capital of more than ₹100000 then visit our customized plan page and choose your plan accordingly. In case you want more customization in your plan please contact us through and our representative will get in touch with you.

    9. Whether a single person can register his/her private limited company?

    No, to register a private limited company minimum 2 members are required.