Amend GST Registration

Amend GST Registration

₹ 890 1,390

✓   Amend GST Registration

✓   Update Details in GST

✓   Cancellation of GST Reg.

Amendment of GST Registration

Amend Registration on GST Portal.

 Modify and Update details on GST Portal
       We will help you to update GST Registration data like, Authorised signatory details (Like phone number, Email ID), Additional place of business, HSN / SAC.

 Cancellation of GST Registration
      We will help you to surrender GST Registration Certificate but keep in mind the voluntary cancellation can only be made after one year from the date of registration.

Note down the Required Documents

✍ PAN Card of the Business or Applicant.
✍ Original GST Registration Certificate.
✍ Letter of Authorization/Board Resolution for Authorized Signatory in case of Company, LLP and Partnership Firm.
✍ Supporting documents of the amendment (depends on the nature of amendment).

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Amendment of Good and Services Tax (GST) Registration

Goods and Services Tax requires various details of an applicant. Once an applicant has registered under GST, there might be a need to make amendments to the particulars of the registration. Given this scenario, the applicant needs to file an application for amendment of GST registration in order to make amendments to the details furnished. 

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1. What are the different type of amendments I can do?

You can change your registered email ID, Mobile No., your firm name, HSN codes, Add additional place of business, Change authorised signatory details, etc.

2. Can I add more Business Places other than the Registered Place of Business?

Yes, you can add additional place of business with this plan.

3. I need to cancel GST registration, How it can be done?

With this plan you can apply for cancellation of GST registration.