Annual Filing of One Person Company

One Person Company is required file Annual Return with ROC in form AOC-4 and MGT-7A.

₹ 2,290/-

₹ 1,790/-

➦    DINs of Director

➦    Digital Signatures of Directors

➦    Memorandum of Association

➦    Articles of Association

➦    Certificate of Incorporation

➦    PAN & TAN of Income Tax

Annual Filing of One Person Company

File Annual Return of One Person Company for ₹1,790/- Only (Inclusive of Government Fees and taxes)

One Person Company is required expected to comply with the Income Tax Act and the Companies Act. Therefore, the primary compliance of OPC is to file Income Tax Return and Annual Return with ROC. Apart from this the other compliance of One Person Company are may also be to compliant with TDS, GST, ESI and other regulations. The compliance requirements may also vary on the basis of the market, status of the company, number of staff personnel and sales turnover.

Note Down The Documents Required For Filing Annual Return of One Person Company

  • PAN Card of the Company
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Finalized Books of Accounts/ Trial Balance
  • Copies of GST & TDS Returns (if any)
  • Income Tax return of last year with Computation (in case of existing company)

Features of Annual Return Filing of One Person Company

Stay Disciplined

Annual Forms required to be filed are AOC-4 and MGT-7, file returns on time to avoid penalties.

Filing Irrespective of Turnover

Every Company needs to submit annual return even if there is NIL turnover.

FAQs for Annual Filing of One Person Company

Yes, ROC return contains the details of Financial Particulars and changes taken place in the company during the year and needs to be filed with ROC. Even though the company has not done any business during the year.

Annual Filing is due on the 30th September of the same year in which the Financial Year of the Company ends.

It is the duty of the Company and Directors to file ROC Return as both are liable for non filing.

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