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TAN is required to make payment of TDS/TCS and to submit the TDS/TCS returns.

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Get Tax Deductino Account Number (TAN)

Get your TAN for ₹ 490/- Only (Inclusive of Government Fees and taxes)

Tax Deduction Number TAN is an alphanumeric 10 digit number assigned to deductors by NSDL. This number is the unique number assigned by the income tax department in India for the purposes of TDS accounting. All individuals responsible for deducting or collecting the tax have to get this alphanumeric number. In addition, It is compulsory to quote TAN on TDS/TCS certificates, returns and payment challans. It must be noted that every tax deductor is identified separately by the TAN and the first three characters indicate the city or state in which the tax deduction number is issued.

To apply for a Tax Deduction Number, the tax deductor must apply in the form No. 49B, signed by the proprietor of firm, a partner of firm or LLP, any director of company. Any company must apply in that form in order to apply for the tax deduction number. It can only be applied after the applicant has been assigned a permanent account number (PAN). 

Note Down The Documents Required For TAN

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card

Features of TAN and TDS

Prevent Tax Evasion

If you are TAN holder and liable for Tax Deduction, it helps to prevent Tax Evasion.

FAQs for TAN

TAN is a 10 digit alpha numeric number for Tax Deduction and Collection. It is used by the Income Tax Department to track all payments and filing of persons or entities required to deduct tax at source and pay it to the Government.

Because it needs to be quoted in all the TDS/TCS returns, all TDS/TCS payment challans and all TDS/TCS certificates that are to be issued. Apart from this, not applying or not quoting it in the prescribed documents leads to the penalty of Rs. 10,000/-.

TAN number is mandatory for business entities to deduct tax at the source and pay the same to the government. It is quoted in all the TDS Certificates and TDS Filings.

It takes 5-10 days to get a TAN number from the date of filing application.

No, a PAN cannot be used instead of TAN. Therefore, it is mandatory for those deducting tax at source.

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