Project Report for Businesss

A Project Report can be used for Bank Finance or presenting the project to the Venture Capitalist.

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➦    Business Evaluation

➦    Getting Bank Finance

➦    Raising Funding for Startup

➦    For Business Expansion

➦    Project Feasibility Analysis

Project Report For Business

Get the Project Report for your business for ₹16,990/- Only

Every businessman is always on the lookout for ways to expand their company, which necessitates funding. Banks, NBFCs, and private equity firms are trusted to provide this capital. Every entrepreneur must now prepare a comprehensive business plan, also known as a project report for a bank loan, a viability report, or a feasibility report, in order to obtain financing from banks and other financial institutions. When an entrepreneur comes up with a business idea, he usually gives it a lot of thought. However, if he does not put it in writing and do a thorough assessment of the costs and benefits gained, he will be unable to determine whether it is feasible or not.

Note Down The Documents Required To Prepare Project Report

  • Financials of past 3 years (in case of existing Business)
  • Detailed Finance requirements (if any)
  • Details of existing business finances (if any)
  • Future Business projections
  • Business profile
  • Udyog Aadhaar/SSI registration
  • GST registration number & PAN
  • Address Proof of Business premises
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • ID proofs of Directors/Partners/Individual
  • Address proofs of Directors/Partners/Individual
  • Profile of Directors/Partners/Individual i.e. past experience, qualification

Features of Project Report

Drives Project Success

A properly laid out plan ensures the Project Success.


You get the complete control over the project.

FAQs of Project Reporting

Some of the components of project report are as under:

  • Entrepreneur’s profile
  • Products/Services and it’s uses
  • Plant and machinery
  • Business Process Cycle
  • Manpower requirement
  • Financial arrangements
  • Marketing arrangements
  • Implementation schedule

Some of the common assumptions made while preparing project report are as under:

  • Working days/year
  • Shifts per day
  • No change in government policy
  • Nothing abnormal will happen in life of project
  • Manpower and utilities will be easily available
  • Raw Material Consumption ratio will remain same

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